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Welcome to VTGN05 Groundwater Modeling and Contaminant Transport

We hope that you by the course Groundwater Modelling and Contaminant Transport will develop and deepen your knowledge, skills and approach within the field of hydrogeology and that you will obtain a good preparation for solving complex engineering problems concerning groundwater flow, aquifer properties, hydrochemical processes and contaminant transport by common softwares for modelling and simulation. The course has also the goal to enhance your ability to present hydrogeological investigations as written technical reports and orally. Another major goal of the course is to encourage an attitude, which emphasize and valuate co-operation between different professionals and experts, i.e. people with different backgrounds and competences, within a project group dealing with groundwater flow and contamination. 

The course is mainly devoted to modelling and simulation of groundwater flow by the softwares MODFLOW, MODPATH and SEEP2D in GMS and to hydrogeochemical calculations and simulations by the software PHREEQC. The teaching is based on four assignments, which are concluded by three compulsory seminars. You are welcome to contact the main teacher of the course if you would like more details.