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Course literature – VTGN10 Groundwater Engineering

Course literature – VTGN10 Groundwater Engineering

The course literature consists mainly of:

  • C.W. Fetter, Applied Hydrogeology, fourth edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0131226878 as paperback, 2001 (other equivalent versions may appear).
  • Conny Svensson, Groundwater Chemistry - A Hydrogeological Introduction, compendium, Engineering geology LTH, 2011.
  • Gene Culver, Drilling and Well Construction, chapter 6 in Geothermal Direct-Use Engineering and Design Guidebook, Geo-Heat Center, Oregon Institute of Technology, 2007.

The book Applied Hydrogeology can be bought at most booksellers, for example at Akademibokhandeln Gleerups, Stortorget 2, in the town centre of Lund. You may also find it at internet bookshops or at secondhand bookshops. 

The compendium can be bought at Engineering Geology. The price is 50 SEK and includes some material for exercises during the course.