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Accessibility statement

Accessibility report

This web site is published by Lund University, Department of Engineering geology.


We want as many as possible to be able to access the content on our web site. Unfortunately, errors can occur, and we may have missed out on something. 

If you need information in a format not available here, if you need a clarification, or if you want to report a general accessibility problem, please contact us, preferably by e-mail ( or over telephone, +46-46-2227425.

You may also contact the person responsible for the page content directly, his or her name is seen under the text, on each page.

Regulatory Authority

If you are not satisfied with our response to a request for information or improvement, you may contact the Agency for Digital Government,

Work in progress

We are currently awaiting the outcome of improvements of page templates and accessibility tools, made by the Faculty. As soon as these are ready, they will be implemented here.

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